Technical Service

Service center our company was established in 1995 for high quality and immediate solutions of the tasks related to the installation and maintenance of equipment.

Today we are ready to offer you the following services:
— consultation of the qualified experts;
— commissioning works and installations;
— maintenance of equipment;
— equipment diagnostics;
— repair works



The beginning of the commissioning of any process equipment is always preceded by a testing phase or, as it is called in professional circles - commissioning. This type of work is of a technical nature and is used to configure the installed equipment and also check all systems for performance, security, continuity, absence of faults and defects. Further successful operation of the equipment depends on how productive the start-up phase has been managed.

Our specialists have many years of experience of commissioning and necessary skills for these kind of works, we are able to produce a set of technical operations to prepare the equipment, components and systems for durable and reliable operation.

Commissioning work can be divided into four stages.

In the first stage, we perform preparatory work for the assessment of readiness of site (workshops): the quality of the materials used and the preparation of the Foundation (floor) for installation of equipment, engineering networks according to the requirements, the presence of ground loops, diversion systems, etc.

In the second stage of commissioning works we perform Assembly and installation of the equipment, check the efficiency of all its components and details: control systems and automation, systems for emergency stop and start, locking devices, etc.

At the third stage complex debugging of all systems of equipment is managed, we test equipment at the blank run mode, which is a preparation for technological tests. Moreover, we enter settings and adjustments for optimizing the operation of the equipment when loading.

The fourth stage is a technology check of working efficiency and configure hardware settings to achieve required performance or capacity with connection of all utilities. The result of this phase of commissioning is fully compliant with the technical documentation and ready-to-use equipment. As evidence of the equipment efficiency there may be first manufactured product or the raw material that is relevant to technical specification.


Maintenance is a system of preventive measures for the care, supervision, diagnosis carried out in the established order and terms, which allows providing the necessary level of reliability of the equipment. Maintenance should be carried out from the first days of operation of the equipment, obviously during the warranty period of its operation, and, certainly, in the post warranty period. At any technical documentation for the equipment, there is a list of maintenance work that should be managed. Failure of complying with these requirements may lead to frequent breakdowns and long downtimes of the equipment with its attendant costs and consequences. Besides, failure to comply with these regulations may lead to the withdrawal from the guarantee by the manufacturer.

Specialists in the service center of our company have long-term positive experience of carrying out maintenance of the equipment. Over 10 years we have been fruitfully cooperating with chain stores, SPAR, Lenta, Magnit, Sweet life, GIPERGLOBUS, etc. today, for the customers of the retail service, maintenance is the most popular.

Our main aim is to provide fast and affordable service on the territory of the Russian Federation. Therefore, in addition to the service center at the head office we have a network of remote service centers that are reliable partners for the providing of services in different regions of the country.

Service center:
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